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MinoxidilMax Dualgen 5 Minoxidil 

MinoxidilMax is a custom minoxidil solution that contains 5% minoxidil which is the max strength approved by the FDA.  However, it also contains azelaic acid which has been found to be a DHT blocker.  This is one of the reasons that has made the Dualgen 5 products by MinoxidilMax so popular.  


Minoxodil With or Without Propylene Glycol

Another great thing about the MinoxidilMax products is that they offer two Dualgen 5 formulas.  One that contains propylene glycol and one that has no propylene glycol.  Some people are allergic to propylene glycol which causes their scalp to itch or become irritated.  With MinoxidilMax offering a No PG (propylene glycol) product, it gives users allergic to pg a chance to still maximize their fight against hair loss.