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Minoxidil 10 and Minoxidil 15

Minoxidil 10% and Minoxidil 15% Hair Loss Treatments


The strongest minoxidil solutions currently on the market are minoxidil 10% and minoxidil 15%.  These solutions, however, are not currently being sold in the United States and are very difficult and expensive to get.  We do not offer minoxidil 10 and 15%, however, please browse through our extensive selection of minoxidil 5% solutions offered on our website.  We carry the leading brand Rogaine minoxidil, cheaper generic brands, as well as 5% minoxidil solutions which include other hair loss ingredients such as azelaic acid, saw palmetto, and biotin.  

The best alternative to minoxidil 15% is the MinoxidilMax Dualgen 5 hair loss treatments as well as Lipogaine minoxidil treatments.  These solutions are weaker than the 15% minoxidil formulas, however, these 5% minoxidil solutions are the strongest available in the United States.

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