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Minoxidil 5% W/ DHT Blockers

Minoxidil 5% With DHT Blockers By Minoxidilmax, Lipogaine, and DS Laboratories

We offer extra strength minoxidil 5% solutions that also contain DHT blockers to maximize your chances to stop hair loss.  

Stop Hair Loss Using 5% Minoxidil by Minoxidilmax and Lipogaine

We are an authorized distributor of Minoxidilmax and Lipogaine which have minoxidil 5% solutions that contain azelaic acid as well as other ingredients that fight hair loss.  Minoxidilmax offers its Dualgen 5 minoxidil solutions.  There are two Dualgen 5 solutions which include a with PG (propylene glycol) and a No PG solution.  Besides minoxidil 5% and azelaic acid these Minoxidilmax products carry other ingredients which have been found to stop hair loss and grow hair.  Lipogaine also has a specially formulated minoxidil 5% solution which also contains azelaic acid as well as other dht blockers that stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth.

DS Laboratories Spectral DNC

We also offer DS Laboratories Spectral DNC minoxiidl 4.5% solution which also contains ingredients besides minoxidil that are known to stop hair loss and promote hair growth.

Minoxidilmax, Lipogaine, and DS Laboratores are very popular products as they are a very good alternative to the minoxidil 15% products that are coming off the market.