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Minoxidil 5 & 2% Hair Loss Products For Men & Women

Solutions4hairloss.com offers an wide variety of minoxidil hair loss products for both men and women ranging from 2% to Minoxidil 5%.  We carry the most well known minoxidil brand name, to generic brands, to custom formulas.  

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is the 1st topical solution approved by the FDA to treat hair loss. Minoxidil hair loss products are known to stop hair loss and to regrow hair.

Which Minoxidil Hair Loss Products Brand Is Best?

We carry various brands of minoxidil hair loss products such as Rogaine, which is the most popular and #1 recommended brand on the market. We also carry Kirkland minoxidil hair loss products for men, which has the same ingredienst as Rogaine but costs a fraction of the price. We also carry minoxidil products by DS Labs, Equate, MinoxidilMax, and Lipogaine.  Minoxidilmax and Lipogaine have their own minoxidil 5% products which also contain DHT blockers (DHT causes hair loss) to maximize the hair loss ingredients you are using in your fight against hair loss.  Our minoxidil hair loss products for women include Rogaine for women and the cheaper generic version by Equate which has the same hair loss cure ingredients but costs much cheaper.  We also offer Womens Lipogaine which contains other ingredients in its solution other than minoxidil to combat hair loss.

Which minoxidil strength should I use?

Minoxidil for men is typically minoxidil 5% strength and minoxidil for women is typically 2% strength, although they do have both weaker and stronger strength minoxidil hair loss products.  If you are looking to maximize your fight against hair loss then the stronger solutions of minoxidil hair loss products that we carry would be minoxidil 5% with DHT blockers.