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Regenepure Hair Loss Shampoo

Regenepure Hair Loss Shampoo

Regenepure is a newer ketoconazole shampoo compared to Nizoral shampoo, however, it is swiftly gaining ground in popularity amongst hair loss sufferers.  The things that separates Regenepure from the other hair loss shampoos is it contains ketoconazole as well as other ingredients that may benefit hair growth.  The ingredients also help in maintaining a healthy scalp.  It also does not contain SLS and other sulfates which may be harmful to your hair and scalp.  In fact, for this reason (not containing SLS and other harmful sulfates) we discontinued selling Nizoral and other hair loss shampoo's.

Regenepure DR NT Hair Loss Shampoo

There are two Regenepure products, Regenepure DR and NT. Both products can be used by men and women and for best results, Regenpure recommends both products to be used . What makes Regenepure DR great product is it contains the ingredient ketoconazole as we mentioned.  This ingredient is one of the main things most hair loss sufferers look for in a hair loss shampoo.  However, Regenepure DR is not harmful to your hair and it also controls dandruff as well due to the ketoconazole.  Regenepure NT is also a shampoo but many use it as a conditioner after using Regenpure DR.  It contains lecithin, caffeine, and saw palmetto extract.  Regenepure NT cleanses the scalp while promoting healthy hair growth. This combination of ingredients allow for a nourishing treatment that help stimulates the scalp and follicles while providing them with restorative nutrients to possibly strengthen weak, dull, thin and brittle hair.  Regenpure NT also does not contain SLS nor other sulfates.


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