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Hair Loss Shampoo

Best Ketoconazole Hair Loss / Growth Shampoo Cure For Baldness

The best hair loss shampoo is a ketoconazole shampoo and Solutions4hairloss.com carries the top three brands.  These hair growth shampoo's are the best because the ingredient ketoconazole has been found to possibly be effective in regrowing hair and stopping hair loss thus being a cure for baldness. Using a Ketoconazole hair growth shampoo such as Nizoral shampoo, Regenepure, or DS Labs Revita shampoo is in the Big 3 hair loss regimen that is the most popular regimen to those losing their hair.  

Why use a Ketoconazole hair loss shampoo for hair growth like Nizoral or Regenepure?

We offer Nizoral Hair Loss Shampoo and you can purchase the stronger strength harder to find Nizoral 2 shampoo from our affiliate. We also carry Regenepure NT and Regenepure DR shampoo for hair growth. The 3rd hair growth shampoo line that we carry is by DS Labs. The main active ingredient that is common to Nizoral, Nizoral 2%, Regenepure, and DS Labs Revita hair loss shampoo is Ketoconazole. Ketoconazole prevents and treats fungal infections of the skin, eliminates dandruff and makes hair look and feel thicker. Recent studies suggest that its anti-inflammatory properties can mend skin damage caused by male pattern alopecia (hair loss), disrupt the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and may even have a stimulating effect on hair growth.

Below is a study discussed in wikipedia regarding Ketoconazole and its benefit to hair loss and being one of the cures for baldness.

A study in mice indicated that ketoconazole may have a stimulatory effect on hair growth. Nizoral shampoo is a ketoconazole hair loss shampoo that has shown to be beneficial in men suffering from androgenic alopecia. One 1998 study showed that Nizoral 2% worked just as well as minoxidil 2% (brand name Rogaine) in men with androgenic alopecia. Both medicines increased hair thickness and increased the number of anagen-phase hair follicles on the scalp. Researchers were guarded about the meaning of these results, saying that more rigorous studies on larger groups of men should be done to confirm the findings, both to evaluate the ideal dosage and formulation, and to assess the desirability of routine treatment in this condition. Nizoral shampoo is only FDA approved for the treatment of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp, so although Nizoral may be one of the useful hair loss solutions, it cannot be endorsed or marketed as one to the general public.

Results so far indicate that both the Nizoral 1% and Nizoral 2% dosages have hair loss benefits and are a possible cure for baldness; however, the more potent Nizoral 2% formulation could have better results. Excessive usage of either formulation has not been shown to produce better results. The results produced in these studies are based on usage once every third day and leaving the shampoo on the scalp for 3–5 minutes before rinsing, as with the treatment of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. It has been stated that medications capable of maintaining the existing hair population should be regarded as effective treatments for androgenic alopecia. The present data suggest that ketoconazole should enter this group of drugs as a hair loss shampoo and one of the viable cures for baldness.

Which Brand of Ketoconazole Hair Loss Shampoo Should I use?

All three brands of Ketoconazole shampoo's that we carry are very popular in the hair loss world. Each may be considered the best shampoo for hair growth as they have worked for many users.  It is best to also use minoxidil and/or Propecia along with the shampoos to increase the results.  However, as far as which brand is best hair loss shampoo will have to be decided by trial and error.  Many users prefer each one for different reasons.  Nizoral shampoo is the most popular as it has been around the longest.  However, Regenepure and DS Labs Revita hair growth shampoo contain other ingredients that are known to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth so these are growing in popularity as well.  Regenepure also does NOT contain SLS which is harmful to the hair and scalp and unfortunately contained in many shampoos sold in retail stores.  Therefore, if you want a great hair loss / growth ketoconazole shampoo to add to your hair loss regimen, consider Regenepure.