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Regenepure DR Shampoo Bottle Design Change


We received some questions asking if Regenepure changed the look of Regenepure DR.  This is to confirm that yes, Regenepure DR shampoo changed the look of their bottles in 2015.  The actual shampoo formulation did not change, just the look of the bottle did.

Below is the new look of the Regenepure DR shampoo bottle.

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Nizoral 1% Shampoo Available in July 2013

Nizoral 1% Shampoo Available in July 2013 Per the manufacturer, Nizoral 1% production will resume in July of 2013.  We will definitely have it in stock once production begins and it is available.  In the meantime, Regenepure DR and DS Labs Revita shampoo are excellent shampoo's that also contain Ketoconazole which is the active ingredient in [...]

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